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The Eve Visconti Scholarship

Eve ViscontiEve loved music with every fiber of her being. Her face would light up and she would become animated when music played, when she talked about music, and when she made music. Music was truly one of the great loves of her life. Singing with PMAA gave her so much joy. She thrived on the sense of community and loved the challenge of learning a new piece of music.
— Nathan Visconti

Eve used to say, "Music is the closest thing that comes to heaven. "  She liked everything about PMAA — the music, the practice, the process of learning new songs, the affiliation with her fellow musicians, getting to know her Altos and others on a deeper level, and being part of the Board.

She served on the Board of PMAA for several years because she wanted a healthy community of singers. She was involved in PR and press releases, she was on the caring committee (she cared deeply about all her fellow singers at all times, not only when they were singing), and finally, was the Alto Section Leader.

Having a vibrant community chorus meant a lot to Eve.  "Music is the soul and heart of our community."
— Ron Visconti


Eve Young Visconti New Singer Scholarship Guidelines

Each season new singers, who have never sung with us before, may apply for the Eve Young Visconti New Singer Scholarship. Each scholarship is for $120, which covers registration.  The cost of music and performance attire is not included. To fulfill the requirements of the scholarship, the recipient must agree to do the following during the scholarship season:

  • Miss no more than 3 rehearsals during the season
  • Participate in the season retreat for singers
  • Participate in both tech rehearsals during concert week
  • Sing in both end-of-season concerts

Up to five singers will be chosen from the applicants. Applicants will be considered in order of application. The application period opens August 5, 2022, and closes September 13.  The earlier you apply, the more likely you will receive a scholarship.

To apply, email president@peninsulamusicalarts.org with the following information no later than September 13.

    • Full Name
    • Address
    • City, State and Zip
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Any comments you want to add

By submitting this email I agree to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship.
















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